Less than 5% of all websites are web accessible, accidental linking to phishing sites, broken links, not mobile ready – Making the web better, one site at a time. Your prospects and clients will love this service!

Web Without Borders helps agencies and businesses to improve user experience as well as provide service to others. 
Did you know that hundreds of millions of people have high-speed Internet access but can only access a small fraction of the web? Less than 5% of all websites follow accessibility standards. Businesses that follow these standards not only prevent potential lawsuits but also open the door for a large group of potential customers. More than 30% of all websites do not work on mobile devices and many links are broken or slow. There are countless major issues in user experience we aim to tackle with this software. If you are a IT company, this will give you a great tool to serve existing or future customers. As a business, use it to monitor your web sites and improve user experience. We offer installation services, seed data and customization. We can also help finding potential clients by analyzing websites for you. Whatever it is: Looking for web design firms that service poodle grooming companies? We will find them! Contact us for our enterprise agency platform! 
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Let’s create a web for all!

More than 90% of all websites are not accessbible for people with disabilities. Less than 50% of all websites are truly mobile ready. More than 70% of all websites that provide news sections, have no current news on them. Let’s repair the web!